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The Rise Of Mobile

Our New Appendage

Take a look around and you'll see that nearly every hand is accompanied by a smartphone. And they're not just emailing, tweeting and facebooking - they're experiencing the web at explosive rates.

In fact, by the year

Twenty Fourteen

mobile will become the most common way of accessing the web.

Already, 25% of U.S mobile users use mobile web exclusively.

Mobile Misconceptions

You Can Handle The Truth

There are loads of misconceptions about mobile and mobile users out there. Let's blow three of them up and clear the air a bit, shall we?

#1 Mobile = Rushed

Truth: Mobile is much more than texting while you're on the train, or quickly checking email in the elevator. In fact, mobile is an increasingly leisurely experience. We like leisurely. It's so laidback and relaxing.

93% of smartphone users use their smartphones while relaxing at home

80% of smartphone users use their smartphones during miscellaneous downtime periods

76% of smartphone users use their smartphones while waiting in lines or waiting for appointments

62% of smartphone users use their smartphones while watching television

#2 Mobile = Less

Truth: If your mobile site is a "dumbed down" version of your regular website, you may be losing customers to a competitor with a better and richer experience. The truth is, mobile content should be just as rich and relevant as the content on any other platform.


of smartphone usersexpect a mobile experience to be as good as a personal computer


of smartphone userswould not recommend a business with a bad mobile site

#3 Mobile = Angry Birds

Truth: We love Angry Birds, although we wonder why they are so angry. Mobile is much more than playing games and sending entertaining photos of your cat to friends. (OK, that one photo is hilarious.) The truth is, more and more customers are connecting with local businesses via their mobile device and smartphones. So, if you want to reach them, you better be there.

95% of smartphone users have searched for local information & businesses


visit a business after searching


call a business after searching


act within 24 hours

You Need A Mobile Site

Here Are Some Options

Ready for the hard truth? If you have an online presence and you're not engaging with the mobile market, you risk losing customers. Not just new customers, but the regular ones too. Let's talk design and options.

#1 Standalone Mobile Site

You have the option of building a standalone, separate version of your website catered specifically to smartphones. When users try to access your website from a smartphone, they are redirected to the mobile version of your site. Development of a standalone mobile site can be a quick exercise depending on the amount of content you intend to port over from your full site. However, content must now be maintained in 2 locations - on the mobile site and on the full site.

Wanna See Some Examples?

( access these sites from your smartphone )

#2 Build A Web App

A web app is also a standalone version of your website catered specifically to mobile devices. Usually built with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, web apps work on any device that uses a modern mobile web browser. They tend to emulate the slick look and feel of native apps. Think of it as a standalone mobile site on steroids.

Wanna See Some Examples?

( access these sites from your smartphone )

#3 Build A Responsive Site

Unlike a standalone mobile site, a responsive site is a single site that works on all devices. A responsive site rearranges content according to the size of the screen on which it's viewed. This means that your site will be optimized for all existing and future screen dimensions. Building a responsive site is a more complex approach that requires additional development time and resources. Once implemented, you're set - for whatever shiny new smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop that gets dreamed up next!

Viewing this site on a desktop? Go ahead and resize your browser to see a responsive site in action.

Wanna See Some Examples?

( access these sites from any device )


Mobile Marketing

A Brave New World of Opportunity

Establishing a mobile presence is a wonderful thing. You'll soon be bragging to your friends about how cool your site looks on a smartphone. But guess what? You're also opening doors to a whole new world of marketing opportunity.

QR Codes

QR codes are a mobile-friendly way to send users to your site. You'll frequently see them in magazines, newspapers and other printed materials. Just scan the little bar code with a phone and it sends them right along.

Mobile Search

Google Mobile Ads makes it easier than ever to connect with customers while they're on the go. Target people looking for local information with location-based ads, or make it simple to call your business with clickable phone numbers right in your mobile ad.

Social Integration

Make sure it's easy to share and post content from your mobile site to social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

You're Convinced

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