Signature Breads

Signature Breads is an independent, employee owned bakery specializing in par-baked breads for restaurants and supermarkets across the U.S., with bakeries in Chelsea, Massachusetts and Tempe, Arizona.

After completing a comprehensive branding exercise, Signature’s marketing team, armed with a sparkly, new brand position, asked us to help them tell their story in a more compelling way and refresh their website to reflect that energy.

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The Manifesto

Their new brand promise, “Together We Rise,” served as the foundation for the manifesto we wrote, which in turn, inspired the creative. The marketing team loved the manifesto so much they turned it into a team video that’s front and center on the homepage.

Website Redesign

The redesign makes beautiful use of a new, expanded color palette, beautiful imagery of the bread, rolls and the amazing people who make them day in and day out, handmade icons and infographics – and a high-performing breads database that lets customers quickly and easily find the bread and roll information they need.

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