A visit to the motherland

Posted by on Monday, May 8, 2017

I recently made a trip to my home town (AKA: Cranston, Rhode Island) and stumbled on me and my brother’s school work from our days at Cranston Academy and William R. Dutemple Elementary School. Here are a few highlights.

My 1st grade journal entries, roughly translated:

March 4, 1994: “Last night, my dog was in a dark corner. He was sleeping. After he had a dream. He was making a sound like this “rua ruar”. I thought it was my mom burping. He was having a doggy dream.”

November 29, 1993: “Friday I was in a parade, the Santa Day Parade. It was fun. I got to hold the banner. This is what the banner looks like.”

November 16, 1993: “Yesterday we ate outside and I don’t know why. Maybe it was nice out, or maybe (Janitor) Bob was doing something.”

Musings on Sailing the Mayflower: “I think being on the Mayflower for a long time would be boring. The Pilgrims ran out of food and water. So they had to drink beer.”

And now, a few drawings from my brother’s kindergarten illustrated autobiography:

A very accurate self-portrait.

A disturbing drawing of our family. Please notice the rain, thunder, and lightning over my dad, in a car, by himself.

Schmedinghoff family jobs: My mom vacuuming, my brother raking, my dad “cutting steel”, and me – coloring. I clearly didn’t pull my weight around the house as a two year old.

And I couldn’t leave without this epic Family Dance photo. Please note my jellies and socks.


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3 thoughts on “A visit to the motherland

  1. Jenny says:

    One of the single greatest posts of all time. I love everything about this. Every. Thing.

  2. Susan Pearlstine says:

    The family picture— Classic!! Still the same smile

  3. Matt Deweese says:

    This is awesome! Makes me want to go look through my old belongings and creations!

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