The Village Tees

Posted by on Friday, March 31, 2017
villlage tees

We had a fun time designing a tee for The Village, which is hip little district in West Greenville. The Village is where Blue Ion’s newest office is located, so it just made sense.

We’re selling the tees at The Mill Village Market so swing by and snag one! 50% of the proceeds are going back to the community. For this particular design, we’re donating the proceeds to The Village Wrench. The Village Wrench works to develop leaders in the community by building the value of hard work and social responsibility through bicycles.


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2 thoughts on “The Village Tees

  1. Matt Deweese says:

    Great design! We love going to that area, so many great artists and new places to check out!

    1. Casey Gold says:

      Thanks, Matt! Swing by Textile Hall and snag a tee next time your in the area.

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